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Wood co-sleeper / bench

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Wood co-sleeper is a beautifully designed baby bed, which bears both the baby’s and the parent’s need for being close and snug in the first months. At the same time the design accommodates the practical context of nursing and caring, and it ensures the necessary sleep for both child and parents: by lowering the front side of the bed, it can easily and securely be coupled to the parents’ bed. This way the baby experiences the essential closeness during the night, while the parents get optimal sleep conditions because their baby is lying safe and close-by. Wood co-sleeper creates just as safe a base for the baby during the night as it does in the day, where the bed, with both sides up, functions as a cosy cradle. The co-sleeper, which has rubberised wheels, can easily and quietly be wheeled from room to room. With its stylish expression and delicate proportions, the bed beautifully adapts to the existing interior.

Wood co-sleeper, which is defined by its Nordic design language, is executed in 100% solid birch and oak. The bed, with its safety-approved design, accommodates a variety of needs: Continuous height adjustment ensures a precise relationship with the parents’ bed, (bed clearance 44-63 cm), which, however, the baby cannot roll into. The attractively sculpted sides and the supporting bottom slats ensure optimal ventilation for the baby. This design will ensure the baby, and therefore also the parents, the best possible sleep – all through the night.

When the baby’s need for its own bed occurs after the first 6-9 months, the Wood co-sleeper with its included attachment legs and open front piece easily transforms into a fine little bench. The bench can be adjusted in height and thereby follow the child for many years to come. As with the co-sleeper, the bench can be used in the bedroom as well as the kitchen and living room, in the company of the rest of the family.

With the additional refined small wooden holder in solid oak, the functionality of the Wood co-sleeper is further expanded. The holder, which is easily mounted to the co-sleeper, functions as a natural base for a captivating mobile which can stimulate the baby’s senses. The holder can also be used to support the bed canopy which, besides creating a cosy environment, guards against drafts and bright lights. When the co-sleeper is later transformed to a bench, the canopy can create a cosy cave-like atmosphere for the small child with the big imagination.

Like all other items from Oliver Furniture, Wood co-sleeper is made in Europe and designed to meet the strict EU norms for safety and health. We use the best possible materials, and finished products are treated with only non-toxic water-based lacquer and paint. Non-visible screws – a defining trade of Oliver Furniture – emphasises the design and impeccable quality of our products. The co-sleeper is part of our exclusive Wood Collection, which seeks to highlight the natural layers of beauty hiding in wood as a material.

The Wood co-sleeper is made of 100% solid oak and birch.

The non-visible screws give a clean and exclusive design and are a defining trade of Oliver Furniture. The style is Scandinavian with clean lines, round shapes and simple details, like the leather straps.

The Co-sleeper is manufactured in Europe and complies with European safety standards and norms. Tested and approved according to EN 1130:2019. The bench is tested and approved according to EN 17191:2017. All products are painted with non-toxic, water-based paint.
Maximum weightload on bed bases (static weight):
Co-sleeper: 9 kg
Bench: 75 kg

041487 – Wood co-sleeper incl. bench conversion 42 × 82 cm, white/oak
Dimensions – W 49 × L 92 × H 55/74 cm

Includes co-sleeper, cradle and bench

Additional purchases:
041488 – Wood holder for bed canopy & mobile, oak
Dimensions – W 3 × L 45 × H 65 cm
041489 – Bed canopy for Wood co-sleeper, white
041837 – Mattress for Wood co-sleeper
Dimensions – W 42 × L 82 × H 4 cm
041813 – Cushion for Wood bench, nature
Dimensions – W 42 × L 82 × H 5 cm

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